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The Therml Impac Building System

The Therml Impac Panel building system can be used for walls, floors, ceilings, roof, staircases and other construction applications for industrial, residential and commercial-type buildings.

Panel description
The Therml Impac building system uses the Therml Impac® Panel: a specially designed, lightweight high tensile steel wire cage with a core of expanded polystyrene. A coat of Portland cement concrete is then either shotcreted or manually applied to both sides, forming a final product that is structurally stronger and yet lighter than any conventional brick wall or hollow clay-block wall of equivalent size, resulting in superior load bearing qualities.

• What makes our panel better than other systems? Complete architectural freedom and flexibility
• Stellar appearance - no evidence of prefabrication
• Variety of finishes - can be combined with any other material for an assortment of finishes
• Thermally insulated - up to 13 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than conventional construction
• 50 percent lighter than conventional construction - a 4'x8' panel weighs just 27 lbs.
• Termite, fungus and dry rot resistant
• Fire resistant
• Excellent structural and sound proofing capabilities

Why should you use our system?
• Direct cost savings to the consumer
• Reduced building time
• Design and application flexibility - used for internal and external walls, floors, staircases, roofs, multi-storey buildings etc.
• Superior load-bearing wall qualities
• Acts as a natural sound barrier minimizing external noises
• Offers passive temperature control due to its thermal characteristics
• Capable of withstanding tremendous seismic forces (earthquakes)
• Demonstrated resistance to hurricane winds up to 160 m.p.h.
• Immense energy savings